All You Need to Know About Securing a Sports Scholarship

There are a good number of athletic scholarships that you can find in various colleges if you are a talented athlete. If you want to continue playing a sport you enjoy and are particularly good at, you can apply for a college athletic scholarship so you can benefit from free or reduced tuition fees at the same time.

The college and the student both greatly benefits from sports scholarships. The school gets a great athlete to help win competitions and the students has the perk of getting reduced or even free college tuition.

The NCAA can give you the chance to avail of these kinds of athletic scholarships, they are the primary athletic conference in the US. You can get assistance in the form of grants or financial support that is based on your performance as an athlete. These aids can cover as much as 50% of your tuition.

College athletic scholarships given by the NCAA under the Division I and Division II levels are based on what is known as ‘equivalency’ or ‘headcount’ sports. Headcount sports from either DI or DII level are allotted a certain number of scholarships that cover your tuition, school fees, as well as room and board. In DI football for instance, you can make use of one of among 85 full-ride scholarship grants.

These sports also have a set number of full scholarship grants. They can divide each one among a few players. For example, A division II baseball with 9 scholarships allotted can divide the 9 into 18 but would be 50% tuition grants instead of full.

Scholarships given in the NCAA Division I level provides more grants than division II schools. Another thing to keep in mind is that Division I Ivy and Patriot Leagues do not offer full college sports scholarships. They provide grants that will only cover 50% of a students tuition fees.

Another way to go about a scholarship is to use the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics or the National Junior College Athletic Association, which both offer athletic scholarships.

While recruiting is going on for college sports, try not to focus all of your efforts on just NCAA DI level schools. There are many other options for you to consider to benefit you to compete in college sports.

Major sports for women fall under the categories of lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, fencing, field hockey, soccer, track and field, gymnastics, softball, and swimming. Major sports for men include football, basketball, hockey, wrestling, track and field, baseball, soccer, cross country, swimming and fencing.

In order to get a scholarship for sports you have to put in some hard work to be among the best players to be considered to get a scholarship. The competition level is very high. The students who qualify for Division I schools are among the best in their sports catergory. Make sure you start showing what you can do to college coaches and marketing yourself as a star athlete to the college of your choice. You will need to create a cover letter, and inculde your athletic resume and send these together with updates on sports competitions you have entered and address them to the coaches of the schools you are applying for.

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