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Tagging Viral Marketing

A new consumer phenomenon is called “tagging” or “folksonomies” (short for folks and taxonomy). Tagging is powerful because consumers are creating an organizational structure for online content. Folksonomies not only enable people to file away content under tags, but, even better, share it with others by filing it under a global taxonomy that they created.
Here’s [...]

Website Marketing: What You Need To Know Before Getting Started (Part 4)

Most Effective Search Engine Marketing
Part 4 of 4. Once your domain name is chosen and your Web hosting is set up, several Webpages are built and linked together to make up your entire Website. Finally, your site is linked to your domain name so that visitors can type this domain name in a browser and [...]

The Most Effective Search Engine Marketing: SEO Website

Most Effective Search Engine Marketing
There are many people out there who do not know what SEO is. They might have heard of it, they might now that it helps a website by generating more traffic, but they do not know what it means, what it stand for and how exactly it works, well we are [...]

The Most Important Element Of Viral Marketing

There are 2 kinds of viral marketing techniques being used today. The first involves the product itself and a self-amplifying cycle. For example, sites like You tube and Hot mail are important for many users because of the service they provide. They don’t need other tools to get the word out about their product.