Crossbows Verses The Long Bow

It was in the medieval times that the long bow would often come up against in battle the crossbow. The primary advantage held by the long bows was the long bow’s high rate of shot. An archer trained with his long bow easily could release up to twelve arrows per minute. Contrast this to the crossbow which did not need the same degree of skill or strength to use but did not fire as many arrows per minute as the long bow. I think if I had my choice as an archer back in the middle ages I would have chosen the long bow.

To demonstrate this you can have two archers see how long it takes to shoot ten arrows with a crossbow and with an English long bow. Throughout the middle ages many different methods were used to load or span the crossbow. The hand span, where the archer would place the end of the crossbow on the ground and then step into the inside bow itself and then bend over and draw the bow upwards and lock into a shooting position.

One model was the Belvins hook. This was a crossbow with a stirrup on the end. The archer stepped into the stirrup for leverage and drew back the string to load his bow.

Then there was the crane whist which was a handled crank system that the archer cranked to pull back the string to a firing position. I can imagine a warrior using a crank system in the middle of battle. He had to be fast and strong to continually crank the crossbow for each shot.

For this contest between our modern day archers one will use a crossbow and one will use an English long bow. This crossbow was designed for fast loading and shooting. The men begin firing. The archer with his long bow loads and fires his first arrow and reaches for his next one placed in the ground to his side. The crossbow user places his bow on the ground and places his foot into the stirrup. He pulls back the bow string and locks his bow. He loads an arrow.

He then aims and pulls the trigger to fire the arrow. The long bow archer has already fired three arrows. In the time it takes the archer using a crossbow to fire six arrows the archer firing a longbow has fired ten arrows in fifty one seconds. That was really very quick for the crossbow archer.

The long bow won but it also shows that the crossbow was still relatively fast to load and fire. But you have to remember this crossbow was one of the fastest to use of its time. And it had a light pressure pull weight which was 130 pounds. The long bow had a draw weight of 110 pounds.

For the crossbow power to equal the long bow here it would need to have 3 times the draw weight. And that means a draw weight of more than three hundred pounds and you would need to have a turn or crank style crossbow because a man could not draw that weight without the help of a mechanical system. And a crank style is much slower to load.

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