How Your Business Can Have Sustainable Practices

The correct description for Corporate Sustainability is a business advance that creates long-term value by accepting opportunities and managing risks deriving from economic, environmental and social developments. Companies large and small are responding to individuals need for Green products and services. Companies that do not have some kind of sustainability program implemented are behind the times and will suffer to their competition. People will drive the extra mile a pay the extra dollar to buy green. The average person wants to only buy from green or environmentally friendly corporations.

The Green Business League main priority is to train and improve corporations to have a Green Sustainability program. The Green Business League has a Sustainability Officer Training program that helps businesses develop and implement an in house Eco-friendly committee program. The Training that the Sustainability course offers is all online. Students of the Sustainability Officer Training will be provided a strong introduction to the Greening process, shown how to install a program that merits respect, and will actually save the company a great deal of money. Green is also about efficiencies, and we know how to make Green pay. This is a self-paced course that can be completed in a week or two of part-time study. Video and down loadable text is immediately available upon sign up. You will leave with the knowledge, the ability, and the plan to turn your company into an Authentically Green Business.

If you have not heard by now, Barack Obama has passed legislation on federal leadership in the environmental, energy, and economic performance. This new legislation is called Executive Order 13514. This means that every small, medium, or large business is required to have a Senior Sustainability Officer or a Green Officer employed. One of the jobs these Green Officers have is to develop a sustainability performance plan. Also, businesses must create a committee on federal sustainability.

If the Sustainability Officer Training does not fit your company or does not concern you then the Green Business League also has Green Consultants that will help your company develop an environmentally healthy plan. The Green Business League has more than 300 consultants throughout the world, with well-recognized qualifications, and a way to show your society that your business is Authentically Green. The only way to avoid claims of Greenwashing is by certification that is actually audited by an independent third party.

Our Green Business Consultants use a 100 point system starts with a free Green business assessment that gives credit for all the Green practices already in place. We then suggest a list of easy-to-achieve ideas that will improve your business, and they will actually save the company money throughout the year. We DO NOT sell products like some Eco consultants. Our mission is authentically Green businesses.

So if your company uses the same type of appointed committee to install a Green program that also planned the company picnic. Then the harsh truth is that Going Green is a larger task with more options than any Green committee might consider. In each and every case, a Green corporation needs quality advice that will provide a clear path to an effective conclusion, or a Green Business Certification. Avoid being a “Green Dabbler” that only adds a few Green ideas in place to satisfy the guilt feelings about this environmental crisis.

Majority of people now believe that we will ultimately arrive at a stage called Green Equalization where everyone has “something Green.” Unless the corporate Green program leads to a renowned standard for performance and an independently verified Green certification, it will do little to make a business look completely Greenwashed. Green pretenders will work hard to look as convincing as companies that are making astonishing Green strides.

The Green Business League can facilitate any company or corporation have a justifiable and credible green plan. Corporations can also find a Green Certified Consultant close to you that can certify and make an environmental difference in your company. We Believe a Green business in earned, not bought. Make sure your company keeps current with green projects.

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