Romantic Holidays In Paris

Paris is regarded as one of the most romantic cities of the world. It is the capital city of France and the most populated urban city which is located on the river Seine. This place is famous for its wonderful pubs and bars, stunning nightlife, luxurious hotels, wonderful locations, historical sites, great institutions and lovely landscapes. It is a global business center which is also famous for its culture, politics, media, fashion, education, entertainment, science and art. This place is considered as a famous destination for holidays, studies and honeymoons.

Places to visit in Paris
There are numerous attractive landmarks, parks, and historic sites such as The Eiffel Tower, The Centre Pompidou, The Louvre Museum and The Notre Dame Cathedral located in Paris.

How to reach Paris
Paris is well known for having excellent transportation facilities.One of the best ways of getting to this place is through airplane. There are numerous big and small airports in all the parts of this place.Another good option for getting to this place is by opting for car travel.

Best places to stay in Paris
You can easily locate various hotels and motels over here. A list of such hotels is as under:

1. De Lausanne
Hotel De Lausanne is a fabulous hotel which is ideally situated in this city. It is a fabulous hotel which provides all kinds of amenities to the guests. The guests are provided numerous modern amenities such as High Speed Wireless Internet Connections, complimentary breakfast, 24 Hour Front Desk and a large comfortable area. You will definitely have a quality time over here.

2. Hotel Paris Eiffel Cambronne
It is yet another hotel which is ideally located in the Paris The rooms over here are well decorated and highly spacious.Various shopping malls, fine dining restaurants and shopping malls are located near to this hotel.This hotel is ideal for both business as well as leisure seekers.

3. Hotel Bel Oranger Republic
This hotel is situated in the heart of Paris. It provides cozy and comfortable environment to all the guests. Some of the facilities that are provided over here are 24 hour internet access, 24 Hour Front Desk, complimentary breakfast, and a large lounge area. I am sure that you will definitely enjoy over here.

Paris is considered as an excellent holiday destination. This place is truly gorgeous and I will advice you to make a next trip to this place.

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