The Progress in Brochure Printing

As marketing tools, brochures have never failed to register an impact on customers’ minds. They can be distributed like leaflets or mailed at customers’ addresses, or can simply be kept in stores for customers to take with them. The demand for brochures and their printing has led many printing services companies to dedicate themselves to this market. Brochure printing has undergone a number of developments in recent decades, with the advent and increasing use of the internet triggering the most recent of these developments.

At a time when computers hadn’t made their foray into brochure printing, the entire thing was a laborious activity involving use of plate-making machines and film negatives, and the particular tasks involved taking multiple test prints, making adjustments, and what not. Even in design, the customers could not offer detailed suggestions and the printers most of the times shouldered the design job, working with a restricted set of pre decided templates.

These days, the customer himself can do the entire designing on a computer, and the brochures can be made in a much lesser timeframe than they could be some just a few years ago. With technology progressing rapidly, immediate printing of numerous brochures and their quick delivery within a day’s time has become possible.

It is important to keep in mind that brochure printing entails not just the impression of ink on paper, but design, content and formatting too. The ushering in of the digital era has opened up a vista of advancements in this area like glossy full-colour printing, complex layout schemes, and smart packages on content-building.

Amongst the several advanced alternatives provided by printing services providers, digital brochures and full-colour brochures are the most popular. Such brochures are apt to be distributed for a medium or longer period of time. But when it comes to brochure circulation in huge numbers, but for a limited time span, then colourful but brief brochures that have a short print run are the most suitable for the purpose. Off-set printing, which is a comparatively older method, is still very popular for these brochures as even though it requires a longer time to make the brochures, a huge number of brochures can be printed at one go.

Along with the improvement in the standard of printing, additional services are now provided by most brochure printing firms as well. These are services like brochure design, direct mailing, circulation etc.

The internet has introduced a client-centric approach of brochure printing, with clients now placing bulk orders with companies online and picking colours, designs and formats for their brochure on their own computer screen. Therefore, brochure printing has come a long way in a relatively short time, and the pace of advancements does not seem to be slowing down at all.

Technology makes brochure printing as good as possible. Brochure printing becomes more competitive, thus, make use of technology the most out of it and be imaginative as you can.

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