What the Computer Repair Techs Aren’t Telling You! How to Fix Malware Easily

What is the Anti-Malware virus? Does it have any relation to the legitimate product from Malwarebytes? It should be no big surprise that the Anti-malware (AntiMalware 2009) virus is in no way related to Malwarebytes, but it uses the same name to try and trick unlucky consumers. If you have this infection on your PC you are going to want to remove it before it takes over your computer and possibly steals your identity!

Before you get to know how to remove malware, you must understand how it can be avoided in the first place. Malware is actually an abbreviation of ‘malicious software’. It includes a wide range of virtual viruses such as worms, Trojans, spyware and adware.

All these nasty programs can cause a lot of damage to your computer which may vary from slower performance, annoying popups and distorted settings to accessing your personal information and permanent ruining of your operating system files. Obviously, you need to protect your PC against such threats.

How Do I Delete Anti-Malware? To remove this threat from your computer either takes skillful registry editing from an advanced PC user or simply takes trustworthy automatic removal software.

Scan Full Computer If you suspect your computer to be infected and wonder, “how do I remove malware,’ running a virus and spyware scan is a good idea. While the scan is being conducted, switch off your internet connection to avoid any slow down and prevent new attack from the net. Get Rid of Malware Found In Scans Once your antivirus software has detected the malware files, follow the steps for removing them. You may have to uninstall the infected files through Add/Remove Programs utility. The infected registry files can be deleted by using a registry cleaner.

Automated Removal The second method is much simpler for users who are just learning how to remove Malware Doctor. Just download Spyware Doctor with anti-virus and install it. The OnAccess Guard must be enabled and then opt for Smart Update. Run a scan and remove all the malware from your PC before rebooting it. Once you have understood how to remove Malware Doctor and ensured that your PC is healthy, don’t take things for granted again. Always be on the defensive while using the internet for downloads, web browsing and checking email. Remember that precaution is better than cure!

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